Taking green energy
where it hasn't been before.

green energy
where it hasn't
been before.

A mobile battery

Our plug-and-play battery containers enable access to green energy, everywhere. Their mobility allows to provide energy to locations that have a temporary high energy demand, such as construction sites, events and festivals.

sized to your needs.

With a modular design we optimize the size of the battery to your specific requirements. Our software determines the optimal capacity that ensures reliability, while avoiding excess capacity being wasted. This results in a more affordable solution.

Lose the diesel generator

Diesel generators are noisy, smelly, and most importantly, very polluting. They are among the worst ways of generating electricity, but are deemed a necessary evil when local grid connections are not powerful enough. Until now.

with smart deployment.

Our batteries supercharge the local grid and are able to deliver the required power. This grants the user access to the conventional energy market for his energy needs, eliminating the need for a generator.

"Energy is the capacity to do work"

We provide the capacity,
so you can focus on the work

Energy is an enabler, it empowers projects but is not part of their core. As it takes a supporting role, it is seldomly treated as an objective to optimize. And rightfully so. A project manager, site manager or event organizer should not have to add it to the already long list of worries: it should just work.

Our Energy-as-a-Service model:

Completely unburden you of all energy related issues
Make energy efficiency & optimization our prime objective





Just plug-in and enjoy the green energy

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