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A better way
to power your
construction site.

Plug-and-play battery units combined with an easy to use dashboard that allow you to easily transition to a more reliable, hassle-free and sustainable power source.
Available for projects starting from October.

Powerful hardware

Our mobile and modular battery units are equipped with industry leading technology to ensure the highest level of reliability. They can be dynamically scaled to fit the needs of your specific construction site and were designed to unburden the project lead.

  • Plug in and focus on what matters
  • Save time with easier processes
  • No more noise complaints
  • Build the future, today

Easy to use software

Everything you need in one place to understand, control and improve your energy consumption on site. The energy dashboard seamlessly integrates with our battery units to unlock new levels of ease and control.

  • Detailed measurements
  • Control individual circuits
  • Keep track of your energy plans
  • Analyze and improve
Energy monitoring is also separately available.
to offer construction sites

a frictionless transition
to renewable energy

to renewable energy

We believe in accelerating the transition to renewable energy through a superior offer.
Being renewable doesn't have to come at a price.

Draw your setup
Plug in
Monitor and control
Calculate optimal grid and battery size
Configure and install battery on site
Smart charging to lower energy cost
Additional functionality and service

Energy as a Service

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Real-time energy monitoring
Alarm system for critical circuits
Remote on/off toggles per circuit
Timers to automate circuits
Integrated certified distribution box
No (bi-)weekly refills
Less maintenance
Less downtime
No energy inefficiency
No noise
No smell
No pollution

Interested in a better solution
to power your construction site?

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